Think of the most memorable adverts you have seen, what made them stand out? Was it the product or the advert techniques? Chances are it was how well the advert resonated with you. It simply hit the spot.

Berkman and Gilson defined advertising appeal as an attempt at creativity that inspires consumers’ motives for purchase and affects consumers’ attitudes towards a specific product or service. There are many types of appeals, but we will focus on 3 major appeals and how relevant they are in communicating during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Humour Appeal

Humour has proven to be one of the strongest appeals to grabbing attention and keeping it. Consumers are more likely to engage, share and recall ads that they find humorous. Understandably, many may have struggled to keep a positive mindset during this pandemic. But with time-sensitivity in mind, a well-placed advert can alter the viewers mood for the better and communicate a message effectively.

A brand that can put a smile on the face of a consumer will be poised to achieve brand retention. Consumers are also likely to attach the good mood with the brand, which creates a positive brand equity in the long run. Although, it is important to use humour with caution as jokes can often be misinterpreted or misconstrued in the eyes of many, which can leave a brand with nothing but a stain to their name.

Fear Appeal

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Fear Appeal, a direct contrast to Humour Appeal but an equally effective technique if used correctly. Some consumers tend to soak up the message more when they have been made aware that certain actions have consequences.

It reminds the audience of potential harmful or dangerous scenarios which can be avoided if caution is taken, by performing certain actions or making use of a brand.

In a pandemic such as Covid-19, brands should see fear appeal as a corporate social responsibility intended to ensure consumers are aware of the dangers surrounding them. Selected audiences can find serenity in being educated on prevention tips that can make their health and environment safer or more convenient.

Emotional Appeal

Reaching consumers by appealing to their emotions is one of the most effective and persuasive advertising techniques. This appeal is largely dependent on the consumers and how they internalise the message, therefore, to appeal to your consumers emotionally you must consider their personal and social needs.

Since the introduction of Covid-19, there has been a rise in the percentage of people around the world eager to fight for their rights, such as the Black Lives Matter and #SayNoToRape movement.

Brands must be socially conscious and responsible by supporting the beliefs of their audience through donation, representation and communication. It is important that the garnered interest is genuine as consumers tend to see right true false representation and will not hesitate to be critical of your brand if they believe the message you’re spreading is not a sincere representation of your beliefs.

At Octoplus Marketing we consider the brand appeal to be a crucial part of the communication when planning a solution. In using advertising appeals effectively, we strive to utterly understand the needs and moods of the target audience to ensure communication is seamless and effective during a campaign.

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