Content Marketing in Nigeria

Content is king! You need a strategic marketing approach to creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

We at Octoplus Marketing can help you with useful, relevant content so customers pay attention to your products and services.

Why Let Us Handle Your Content Marketing?

Content marketing has evovled beyond the way it use to be. 10 years ago, contents can rank with keyword stuffing and 200 words but that is not the case now. Now search engine considers quality and unique content with minimum of 600 wordsand good keyword targeting to rank on search engine result pages.

We generate optimized content suitable to engage your audience and worthy of ranking on SERP.

Content marketing is the bedrock of website and online servie provision. 

We proceed from content creation to content distribution. We work with your team to develop affordable plans to enable businesses increase engagement, traffic and  sales on their website and conquer social media.

content marketing in nigeria

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Content Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few answers to get you started

What is content marketing?

It is the creation, publishing, and distribution of content for a targeted audience online. This is solely for the purpose of generating brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales. Content creation is an integral part of content marketing as well as digital marketing.

When can I start seeing results in my Content Marketing campaign?

Content marketing is not a short-term solution to long-term mechanics. You may get to see the result within a few months of implementing our campaign strategy. Content marketing can be the tool with which to build awareness, create engagement, generate leads, and drive sales for future purposes.

What kind of results can I expect from your content marketing?

The result that you can get from content marketing depends on where your target audience is on the buyer’s journey. With time, you can expect the following results:

  1. Brand Awareness: is the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognize your brand under different conditions. This involves getting more traffic from search engines, social media channels, referral traffic from third-party sites and brand mentions.
  2. Engagement: This involves getting more likes, shares and other engagement on social media channels.
  3. Search visibility: With time in the course of our content marketing strategy, your pages should rank higher in search engines for the target keywords and your overall domain authority should also increase.
  4. Lead generation: Our content marketing plan guarantees you will be getting a higher volume of leads from search, social and offline as well.
  5. Lead nurturing: We are sure with time you will have a higher volume of leads that converts into customers through the buyer’s journey.
  6. Customer retention: A higher proportion of customers will be retained.